Friday Favorites: Authors

By: Mariah Brown

Let’s start off by saying I have so many favorite books, characters, events, etc., but today I want to talk about my top 5 favorite authors. There are so many authors I truly enjoy, but I will tell you why these specific authors are my favorite ones and a few books I truly enjoyed reading by them.

My first one is Dean Koontz. I know he is a big author and there are quite a few mixed opinions on him, but I truly enjoy his writing. All of the books I have read have left me with a whirlwind of emotion and excitement. His series Odd Thomas is my all time favorite set of books written by him. These books follow the main character Odd through a series of events that happen in his life, and there are a lot of twists that weren’t even expected.

The second author is Ted Dekker. I have been hooked on his books ever since one of my friends randomly picked up his book titled Thr3e because the cover looked good. I started reading it and was hooked right from the beginning. Who knew a random book would make you find an author you adore? I proceeded to look at more books by Ted Dekker and found a few more that I truly enjoyed reading and will reread many times. If you like psychological thrillers, suspense, and mystery, I highly recommend reading Thr3e.

The third author I want to talk about is Cassandra Clare. She is a new author who has been recently introduced to me via The Mortal Instruments series. I have enjoyed reading this series and have been hooked. I have been reading them so quickly that I will soon be done with the series. Her writing techniques are amazing and keep getting better and better as the books progress. I can’t wait to read more books by her. Cassandra Clare has helped feed my obsession with the Harry Potter world, which is another reason why I completely adore her!

The fourth author is Tahereh Mafi. Her series that started with Shatter Me is extremely intense and has major character development throughout all of the books. I hadn’t heard of this series or this author until recently and I am so glad I was introduced to her books. It has been wonderful reading the books, and I have sped through almost all of the series. I can’t wait until her newest book comes out. You can see my reviews of Tahereh Mafi’s book here: Shatter Me.

The fifth author I want to discuss is J. K. Rowling. I know everyone talks about her, but I m completely obsessed with the Harry Potter series/world. I read the books all the time, listen to them on audiobook, and of course watch the movies. I love her Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was a spin-off in the magical universe and it has been amazing so far. I am hoping she continues to write even if the books are not turned into movies. Her writing style is amazing and it captures you in the world. I thoroughly enjoy the wizarding world.

Who are your favorite authors and why? Do you have specific books that started your interest in the author’s writing? I am excited to hear from everyone as this is the way I find new authors and books to read.

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