Friday Favorites: Indie Authors

By: Stephanie Wyatt Happy Friday, everyone! If you want to read more awesome posts like this one or follow along with the prompts. You can find them here: Friday Favorites Prompts. Bloggers, the linky to add your post is at the bottom! Indie authors are some of the best motivations for me as a writer.... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites: Female Authors

By: Stephanie Wyatt Everyone has authors that they automatically buy their books when they first hear of a new releases--most people define those as a person’s favorite author. I used to think that way too, and then I started getting into writing my own stories so my favorite authors changed because of what I could... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites: Authors

By: Mariah Brown Let’s start off by saying I have so many favorite books, characters, events, etc., but today I want to talk about my top 5 favorite authors. There are so many authors I truly enjoy, but I will tell you why these specific authors are my favorite ones and a few books I... Continue Reading →

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