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~Featured Books Of The Week!~

The Lost Warriors: A Nihryst Short Story (The Nihryst) by Cait Marie

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Thief. Immortal Warrior. Cursed Forever?

Most people would be sentenced to death for stealing from King Henri. But not his childhood best friend Loxley.

When he and his men are caught, Loxley is ordered to serve the king instead. With a war brewing in the kingdom across the sea, King Henri sets a curse on the thieves and forces them to do his dirty work.

Loxley and his crew serve as soldiers and spies in the war, and stories quickly spread of the unstoppable gang, labeling them as the fierce immortal warriors known as the Nihryst. After three years, the war comes to an end but at great cost to King Henri. Now, Loxley must atone for his part in it all and face the truth that his life will never be the same.

Hanging Off The Rack (A Gema Fox Mystery) by Elani Roman

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What happens when you mix talent with social media savvy?

Gema Fox, a budding fashionista, in Golden Pines, Texas will soon find out. Gema’s online posts of her family’s local business, The Finer Stitch, caught the attention of the successful fashion reality show, Major Design Plus One. Producer Alika Sells showed up in town to shoot an episode.

Everything was going well—that is until Gema found a dead body on her favorite designer’s clothing rack. Gema slayed fashion but now she stumbles along to help her childhood friend, Officer Wes, find out who slayed the victim.

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