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The Stone Mermaid (Fantasy Romance Book 1) by Aisha Urooj

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He will give up everything for love.

As dark prince of the dark seas, Victor has everything. Everything except Ariana’s love. Victor is Ursula’s son, so he can’t blame Ariana for not trusting him.

He will do anything for her, but she is falling for a mortal prince. Can Ariana see that Victor’s heart is true, or is it too late?

With his mother, Ursula, against the sea king’s daughter, will Victor’s love cost him everything?

The Stone Mermaid is a mythical tale of mermaids and other legendary sea creatures and monsters. This is an epic story of love and betrayal, involving Ariana, the sea king’s daughter, Ivan, a human prince, and Victor, the sea witch’s son.

Love has the power to change destinies in this ravishing new take on a classic tale.

Silvana’s Trial (The Wordmage’s Tales) by Astrid V.J.

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Silvana, crown princess of Oruna, is faced with a task that most would fail. She is ordered to accompany her mortal enemy, the man who tried to murder her father when she was seven years old. The imperial prince wants to tour her nation and Silvana is the only person of high enough station to do perform this task. Can she do this impossible task to keep her people safe?

On a journey that brings painful memories with every step, Silvana must maintain appearances and keep her secrets safe from the imperial prince. Can she overcome her hate? Or will she succumb to the festering desire for vengeance that is threatening to make her as evil as the imperial prince she despises?

Silvana’s Trial is one of The Wordmage’s Tales accompanying The Apprentice Storyteller. The apprentice has learned from master storyteller, Viola Alerion, and now he performs these classic tales from the Haldrian Empire in his own right.

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