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Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie by Serena Mossgraves

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They are definitely not your average family. They live in a junkyard. They are a big family. Then again, this is not your average zombie apocalypse. When the dead walk, they handle it. Survive first. Figure out why later.

Life After? by Harper Maze

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Will Kayleigh be able to face the consequences of her actions?

With no future plans, Kayleigh Summers fought for her dream most of her life.

After life-changing surgery, she receives an unexpected offer from a sports entertainment company to become their latest star, which means relocating to America.

Within a training academy full of glamorous people, Kayleigh recounts how she struggles with her self-image, relationships and her confused sexuality.

Bursting into the limelight, Kayleigh becomes burdened by the pressures of her sudden fame and turbulent love life and finds herself on the brink of a breakdown.

One drunken night, she breaks her most sacred rule.

Will Kayleigh be able to face the consequences of her actions?

Or will her new future crumble around her?

The author will donate $1 of every sale to transgender youth charities.

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