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AQUA: A Dystopian Academy Adventure (The Elements Series Book 1) by Tracy Korn

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The action of Hunger Games, the scope of Maze Runner, and the heart of Divergent, all under one ocean!

★★★★★ “This was a book I couldn’t put down, and when I did, I thought about it until I picked it back up.”

Hold your breath…

The future is three miles underwater, and Jazwyn Ripley’s time has come.

Earth’s atmosphere will only support a few more generations, and most of advanced society has already relocated to the sea. To survive, only one option remains for the Topsiders—get into Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean floor.

But after Jazwyn Ripley trains a lifetime for the chance, something is wrong in the interviews. Her evaluation isn’t like those of her soul-rattled classmates, and now, Arco Hart is desperate to protect her from something he won’t talk about.

Cryptic messages coming from the earth’s core.

A charming, but infamous rival who knows why.

Everything is telling her to walk away, but for the struggling class at the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but down.

The road to everything the cadets ever wanted turns out to lead somewhere they never intended to go, and one decision will change the course of their lives for good: Continue on the scripted path, or chase something deeper?

✔ Adrenaline rush action.

✔ Heart-stopping romance.

Dive into the first book of The Elements series and be swept away!

NOTE: While not hard sci-fi, this series incorporates technology and explains how it works (go, girls in STEM!), so please be aware before downloading. If you don’t like science, this series may not be for you.

Falling for a Mermaid by Christina Herrera

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Can she keep her mermaid tail a secret from the lifeguard capturing her heart?


I have a secret. Every time I come in contact with salt water, I pop a tail.

Because of that secret, my parents will hardly let me out of the house. So when my mom tells me I’m grounded, it doesn’t even faze me. She’s always busy partying on yachts, anyway. It’s not like she will know the difference if I sneak out.

Next thing I know, I’m at the beach, meeting up with a lifeguard I spent the majority of the summer crushing on. Everything about him makes me feel happy and safe. But I can’t ignore the fact that if I get too attached to him, he might discover my secret.


Because of my mom’s physically abusive boyfriend, I’ve been forced to leave my own home. I’ve been sleeping at the beach for the past several days.

Ella Paxton is the main girl who’s been on my mind for weeks. That’s why I’m shocked when she finds out about my situation and begs me to move into her guest house. That is, without her parents’ permission.

If you like sweet romance, then look no further! This book has lots of crush-worthy moments. It has hand-holding, flirtatious dialogue, and kissing. But you won’t find any swearing, nudity, or sex.

The Hummingbird’s Sayang: A Dark Psychological Romance by Faith Twardzik

Get it here!

From the award-winning author comes a luxuriously descriptive, decadently dark, and lusciously erotic novel about obsession, sensual freedom, sexuality, and the incredibly beautiful, often misunderstood relationship between a Dom and a Sub – entirely inspired by a true story.

He’s the Arab heir to a multi-million-dollar global corporation. She’s a hopelessly shy, iron-willed strawberry-blonde computer science nerd who grew up in the cornfields of the Midwest. If you looked up the definition of night and day in a dictionary, you might just see a photograph of them.

As fate would have it, they land in the same programming class. And then he ghosts her – for a year and a half. So, what could she do, but fall in love with a 27-year-old Vietnamese car salesman instead? That is … until he promises her a white picket fence and forgets to mention the Peet’s barista fondling his coffee beans on the weekend.

Cue the soul-crushing agony of first love. And who should swoop into her match pile of potential rebounds, but her black-eyed Arab Dom from Dubai?

The euphoria of his touch sets her free, but his aloofness towards the women of his ‘harem’ flings her on a downward spiral toward obsession. She chases the love he refuses to give, falling instead into the arms of three other men and one woman – Minjoon, the puppy-eyed Korean cuddle bug, Jin, the war-torn Balenciaga poster boy, Ling, her Japanese math genius of a TA, and Anna, the striking Colombian voice actress.

But … how far will the lines of identity and mis-identity blur in the face of an all-consuming obsession for one unreachable man? And how far will obsession lead the men who fall for her?

“The Hummingbird’s Sayang” is an evocative examination of the non-idealized realities of BDSM, our endless obsession with temptations of the flesh, and the line between personal development and destruction of self-identity.

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