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~October Events~

  • #READShadowhunters Read-A-Long
    • September 16 – October 13: City of Fallen Angels
      • Sept. 16-22: Ch. 1-5
      • Sept. 23-29: Ch. 6-9
      • Sept. 30-Oct. 6: Ch. 10-15
      • Oct. 7-13: Ch. 16-19
    • Auburn @What She Will Read will be guiding the discussions every Monday so make sure you check it out.
    • More details here!

~Featured Book Of The Week!~

Under the Mists

Get a copy here!

Beyond the veil exists a world of enchanting Fae known for their temptation and trickery. From the sirens of the ocean depths to the kindly tree dwellers of the forest, these creatures lure you in with their beguiling charms.

Humans should be wary of the faery folk, particularly those who tread with darkness at their heels.

Take a journey to the sea where mermaids seek vengeance upon arrogant humans and ruthless pirates refuse to heed the Harbinger warning. A dip into the forest reveals a tree holding the evil of all mankind, while a naive woman becomes enthralled with the idea of building a fairy home only to be taken in by the wiles of a deceptive changling. Meanwhile, a mission turns awry when Fae from Summer and Winter Courts stumble upon a rogue and her army. Finally, a determined King steps into the darkness to reclaim the power of Air for his people.

Discover six emerging authors who bring you tales from the troubled Dark Fae when you dive “Under the Mists.”

~The Authors~

Deedra Nichole
D. Gabrielle Jensen
Michael Walters
Finn O’Malley
Serena Mossgraves
Tish MacWebber

~The Publisher~

Who are we? Well, first off we are Indie Authors. We are women. We are sisters, not by blood, by heart. We are people… But all of this is not why you are here? Ok.

We are Cyndi Pilcher, children’s book author and nature photographer.

We are Patricia Harris, poet, children’s book author, and artist.

We are supporters of the Indie Creators.

We decided to do an anthology of dark fae stories. One of the groups we moderate on Facebook is dedicated to Fantasy and horror. We thought it would be fun to attempt to do this anthology project. Then as the project got closer to publication (Expected to release in July)… We decided that we should be a publishing company, one that focused on the Indie Creator.

That is how Fae Corps was born.

Facebook: Fae Corps Publishing
Twitter: @FaeCorpsPub
Website: https://faecorpspublishing.wordpress.com/

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