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Enchanted Forests by Various Authors

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If you go down to the woods today…
You’d better not go alone…

Discover the secret world between the trees where fairies, unicorns and even monsters dwell. Take a stroll through enchanted woods and dance with pixies and dryads by the light of the stars. Escape Baba Yaga and fall in love with a prince in disguise. Taste the fruit at the goblin market and be whisked away on a magical adventure.
Among ancient trees, find beauty, danger and adventure in these enchanting short stories by award-winning, best-selling, and up-and-coming fantasy authors.

Enchanted Forests is fully illustrated by the talented Elena Shelest.

All profits from this anthology will be donated to Rainforest Foundation who support indigenous and traditional peoples of the world’s rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfill their rights.

Stories include:

Gems of Fae and Foolery – Alice Ivinya
The Lucky Tortoise – Ben Lang
Feather Green – Jennifer Kropf
Apple and the Dead Forest – Xander Cross
To Snare a Prince – Sky Sommers
Blood of the Unicorn – N.D.T. Casale
Dimension of the Sasquatch – Donna White
The Fern Flower – Elena Shelest
Willow Daughter – Astrid V.J.
One Fair Eve – Lyndsey Hall

Hammered by Love: A Sweet Southern Romantic Comedy (Bama Boys Sweet RomCom Book 3) by Kaci Lane

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I just agreed to a business proposition by my best friend that will determine the direction of my adult life.

Jonah and I have had each other’s backs since kindergarten. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and we know each other better than we do our own siblings. That’s why I’m shocked to learn he doesn’t want to take over his family’s successful hardware store.

He wants to flip a foreclosed mansion in Apple Cart to establish himself as a homebuilder and remodeler, mainly to prove to his parents why he doesn’t need the store. Oh, and he wants to bring me on board as the designer.

In true Jonah fashion, he takes it a step further by making me “heart swear” (our thing since fourth grade) if we double our money I’ll move back to Apple Cart and start my own interior design business.

Until now, I’d planned on staying in Auburn and getting a design job. However, I’ve dreamed of helping make people’s personal dreams come true ever since I designed the lodge for Gamer’s Paradise.

And, more than anything, I want to help Jonah succeed.

We’re together all the time but never like this. Something about working side by side and sharing our dreams have me viewing him differently.

It only complicates things further when I accidentally hit him in the head with a hammer, and he unconsciously kisses me. Of course, the best kiss of my life would come from my best friend while he has a concussion.

Maybe it’s the kiss, or Jack and Bianca’s wedding. Or maybe it’s because I’m about to graduate college and start adulting full time. But my mind starts to drift toward thoughts of a future with Jonah.

A future where he’s more than my best friend.

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