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~April Events~

  • Book of the Month: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
  • #READShadowhunters Read-A-Long: Starts April 1st
    • April 1-28: Clockwork Angel
      • April 1- April 7: Prologue – Chapter 5
      • April 8- April 14: Chapter 6 – Chapter 10
      • April 15- April 21: Chapter 11 – 16
      • April 22- April 28: Chapter 17 – Epilogue
    • Cassandra The Bibliophagist will be guiding the discussions on her blog every Monday so make sure you check her out.
    • More details here!
  • 2019 O.W.L.s Magical Readathon: Starts April 1st
    • More details and my TBR for the event here!

~Featured Book of the Week!~

Witch of the Dead by JL Willing

The full book is set to release Friday, April 26.
For now, get copies of parts 1 & 2 here!

Kali Rohe Merritt is a Lamia, a Death Witch, but that doesn’t make her evil. Sure, her and her family need to feed on the magickal essence of others to survive but they adhere to a strict diet of demons, ghouls, and any other foul creature who happens to crawl out of the Shadow World and torture the good people of Talamsgail. The Merritts protect the other members of the magickal community. They’ve done so for generations, even the pretentious Mages who like to subjugate Kali and her family. No one should be pointing their fingers at the Merritts when mutilated bodies start popping up across the Four Territories. So what if they’re all missing their essences? Lamias aren’t the only creatures capable of devouring. Are they?

~More About The Author~

JL Willing is a fantasy and fiction writer from SC. When she isn’t writing, or thinking about writing, or reading (which is really just preparation for writing), she can be found cuddling with her beloved Australian Shepard, Bella, or consistently losing the battle against the chaos and mass destruction her two extremely energetic boys create.

JL has been crafting stories since she was old enough to speak and has a love for all things zany, strange, or nerdy. She is an avid reader of the paranormal and fantasy genre, though her tastes also include horror and romance as well. A self-proclaimed mythology nerd, JL weaves lore into her tales, finding inspiration from ancient cultures and beliefs. If you love supernatural creatures and the odd trickster god or two, you’ll love JL’s writing.

Website: https://jlwillingwrites.wordpress.com/books/
Facebook: Author JL Willing
Twitter: @jl_willing

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