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Tarnished Crown (The Lochlann Feuds Book 2) by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

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Releases October 22nd!

Rowan was finally going to do something right.

Marry for love and for her kingdom. Keep her people safe. Until an archaic law enslaved her to the most feared man in all of Socair, a man who treats her like a pawn and calls her his pet.

But when enemies emerge from unexpected places, she’s forced to realize that being Evander’s property might just be the only thing keeping her alive.

Can she fulfill her blood debt to Bear, even if it means losing Theo forever?

Even if it means sacrificing her heart?

*This is Book Two of The Lochlann Feuds Trilogy*

Radical Royal: An Enemies to Lovers Boarding School Romance (The Ainsworth Royals: The Next Gen Book 1) by Danielle Keil

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Releases October 21st.

Being a princess sucked sometimes.

When the fighting between my dad, the King, and I became unbearable, I did what any seventeen-year-old would do—I ran away.

I wanted a bit of space. What I got was so much more.

Having to live undercover at a boarding school for a chance at a normal life was well worth it.

Until I crossed paths with the extremely talented and exceptionally hot Oliver Hastings.

Thanks to his hatred of me, tensions ran high. But as much as we fought, something kept pulling us together.

So when he asked for a favor that could change his life, I reluctantly agreed, even though it put me in a perilous position.

Was he worth the risk of getting caught and being forced to return home?

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