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~Featured Books Of The Week!~

Missing the Beat (Bennu Firebirds Book 3) by Cait Marie

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The dream job? Check.
The best friends? Check.
The only problem? Her first love is in town, and he doesn’t seem to remember her.

Maya got the role of a lifetime. She’s the lead in the next Lucas Warner movie, her two best friends have found love, everything is going better than they ever imagined.

Yet, she isn’t as happy as she knows she should be.

It might have something to do with the intolerable rock star on set who seems to be making it his personal mission to irritate her. He’s the cliché bad boy, and normally, she’d be all over that, but not when it’s Xander Lewis. Not when it’s the boy she went to summer camp with for years, who doesn’t seem to remember her.

He was her first crush, her first kiss. He will not be the next one.

Quill & Dust: A Paranormal Fairytale Collection by D. Marie Vermisoglou

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★The supernatural can take lives just easily as it can save them…★

Prepare to meet djinns. Mermaids and magic stones and a pack of other enchanting characters through a tangled string of fairy tales that combine adventure, mystery, and the supernatural into a package that is certain to hold something for everyone!

Lovers of Once Upon a Time, Marissa Meyer and Shannon Hale will be enchanted!

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