Mariah’s Review of “Shatter Me” by Tehereh Mafi

By: Mariah Brown

This review is important to me because I can officially say I really enjoy dystopian books. I never used to because they were always presented to me in a way that says, “Hi, I am a new book to read, but it may take you forever to get through.” This outlook on dystopian books has changed drastically. Why you might ask? Because of Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me book and series. 

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi by itself could be considered a dull and cheesy book because there are a lot of scenes where the main character, Juliette Ferrars, is thinking in her head and not a lot of action occurs until the book is almost over. Once you get through the content of the story that may not be as fast paced and uplifting, the plot starts to twist and turn so fast you will want to continue the series. Tahereh Mafi brings the reader in by fully divulging how Juliette is thinking and feeling from the beginning of the book to the end, which allows the reader to feel for Juliette. Adam was an interesting character to be thrown into Juliette’s life the way he was, which made the story even more interesting. Once Juliette met Warner the twists and turns within the story started and made the book move at a faster pace.

Juliette has quite a bit of development that occurs throughout this book and it is noticed because there are fewer strikeouts within her thought content. The major change in character development occurs once Kenji has been introduced into the story. This series of events picks up the story quickly and allowed me to read the rest of the book as fast as possible. While I was reading, I would talk aloud to the characters because I would get into the plot that much. Tahereh Mafi has a way of making any reader feel like they are in the story, tagging along for the ride. Her characters frustrate you, anger you, make you excited, but most importantly make you want to keep on going and not stop until the entire series is over.

I give this book a 4.5/5-star rating only because the beginning was a bit slow to get through, but once I did, it was so worth it. I highly encourage you to read the novella Destroy Me which is in Warner’s perspective and fits right after Shatter Me and before Unravel Me. This will help you understand more of what is going on with Warner and his view of the events that occur. Then you should read Unravel Me followed by the rest of the series.

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