#READShadowhunter: City of Glass (Weeks 2 & 3)

By: Cait Marie

For those just joining us, Stephanie over at Books in the Skye put together this year-long Shadowhunter read-a-long, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. We started in April with The Infernal Devices, and we are now reading the third book in The Mortal Instruments (my favorite!).

Full details on the read-a-long, including the full schedule and where to find past posts, can be found here.

Each week, we will be answering a couple questions based on the assigned chapters. Then, at the end of the four weeks, we will host a live chat on Twitter and a full review will be shared.

Here is the suggested reading schedule for City of Glass:

  • August 19-25: Chapter 1-6
  • Aug 26-Sept 1: Ch. 7-13
  • Sept 2-8: Ch. 14-17
  • Sept 9-15: Ch. 18-Epilogue

City of Bones week 1 questions can be found here.
City of Bones week 2 questions can be found here.
City of Bones week 3 questions can be found here.
City of Bones review is here!

City of Ashes week 1 & 2 questions can be found here.
City of Ashes week 3 questions can be found here.
City of Ashes review is here!

This Week’s Questions

Q1. Valentine confronts the Clave about what he is doing and gives them an ultimatum. The Clave has been known to fight but they can’t win against him… Unless they have the downworlders help. How would you help convince them?

A1. This is an interesting question. I’m not great with confrontation. I would probably try to appeal to their need for self-preservation and explain how horrible things would be for them if Valentine won.

Q2. We finally hear Jocelyn’s story and how the circle was formed. Shadowhunters no longer needing to hide. Demons running in fear. It sounds all alluring – do you think you’d be part of the circle back then?

A2. I don’t think I would. I do see how it could be appealing in a sense, before they learned Valentine’s true goals, but I’d like to think I wouldn’t join something so evil.

What would your answers be? Let me know below and stay tuned for the live chat announcement!

One thought on “#READShadowhunter: City of Glass (Weeks 2 & 3)

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  1. A1: I think I agree with you. What’s worse, downworlders or Valentine? Valentine, duh.

    A2: My alignment is Neutral Good bordering on lawful, so it’s doubtful I would have worked with Valentine. I read the short story in Ghosts of the Shadow Market that took place during the early Circle days, and I don’t think I could have been a part of that kind of thing. I doubt they would have asked me because they would have sensed my alignment as well.

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