#READShadowhunter: City of Ashes (Week 1 and 2)

By: Cait Marie

Hello, hello! I apologize for this being so late. Things have been chaotic here with school and everything.

For those just joining us, Stephanie over at Books in the Skye put together this year-long Shadowhunter read-a-long, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. We started in April with The Infernal Devices, and we are now reading the second book in The Mortal Instruments (my favorite!).

Full details on the read-a-long, including the full schedule and where to find past posts, can be found here.

Each week, I will be answering a couple questions based on the assigned chapters. Then, at the end of the four weeks, we will host a live chat on Twitter and I’ll share a full review.

Here is the suggested reading schedule for City of Ashes:

  • July 22-28: Prologue – Chapter 7
  • July 29-Aug 4: Ch. 8-13
  • Aug 5-11: Ch. 14-17
  • Aug 12-18: Ch. 18 – Epilogue

City of Bones week 1 questions can be found here.
City of Bones week 2 questions can be found here.
City of Bones week 3 questions can be found here.

Week 1’s Questions

Q1. In City of Bones we learned a lot. The Circle and the Lightwood family history was mentioned as well. In the beginning of City of Ashes we see Maryse question Jace and his history. She’s been deceived by Valentine before and is worried that he is using Jace. Jace begs her to believe him and that he had no idea he wasn’t a Wayland and knew Valentine’s true identity. If you were Maryse, what would you do?

A1. I’m often too trusting, so I would probably believe him. More than that, though… She basically raised him as a son. If I’d been in her position, I would have believed him for that. Having known him most of his life, and never speaking of the Circle, she should have known he really didn’t know Valentine’s identity.

Q2. Jace knows he wasn’t aware of Valentine and his plan. The Silent City and Trial by the Sword isn’t an easy thing to do. If you were Jace, would you go through the same parameters to prove your innocence?

A2. Yes. As hurtful as it would be to need to prove myself to my family and friends, I would still do it.

Week 2’s Questions

Q1. Clary has been tricked by the fae to drinking their drink and is now forced to stay behind. The Queen strikes a deal with her, kiss Jace or stay behind. Would you do whatever is necessary in order to leave?

A1. This one is hard… I’ve read all the books multiple times so my answer isn’t the same as it would’ve been upon first reading this. I wouldn’t do ANYTHING, like I wouldn’t murder someone, but if it was something such as this, yes.

Q2. Simon is dead. We find out that Simon has ingested a little bit of Rafael’s blood when Simon had been turned into a rat. This causes “vampire like symptoms” to occur. He has returned to Hotel Durmount and ends up being killed. He can come back as a vampire and it’s Clary’s decision to let him die or to have him rise as one. What would you do in her situation?

A2. Another tricky one. Honestly, I would probably have him rise as one. It might be selfish, but I’ve lived through my best friend dying, so I know the alternative.

Let us know what your answers would be in the comments!

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