Cait’s Review of “The Gates of Golorath” by R.M. Garino

By: Cait Marie

*I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

This is a newer fantasy novel about a race of fallen angels, who train to protect the Gates. The Gates of Golorath separate their world from the human world, and it’s their job to make sure demons do not make it through. This story focuses on Arielle and Angus, two “younger” angels going through the military training. Both have interesting backgrounds and family ties that impact their experiences, but what really changes them is their pull toward each other.

This is an epic fantasy that was pretty intimidating to start, to be honest. There are a lot of new terms and names that seem confusing at first. However, the more I read, the more it made sense, and the more I loved it. It’s full of action and emotion, plus a little humor and romance. It’s a coming of age story unlike anything I have ever read before.

Garino has created an incredible world with magic and demon fighting. The descriptions give a fantastic visual without being over the top. In my opinion, he found just the right balance between the descriptions, storytelling, and dialogue. I loved the characters as well, and their interactions with each other. There are deep family lines, some of which do not get along. It leads to drama and sarcastic responses that had me laughing. This story really shows that some bonds are stronger than family, and that family doesn’t always mean blood.

Find the book here!

I really enjoyed this book. I am very new to the epic fantasy genre, as many of you know, but once I got into the story it didn’t feel that different than my usual preference of books. It just had a bit more detail and length. If you like fantasy, I’d definitely give this a go. It’s very intriguing and I cannot wait for the next book!


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