Angels of Perdition (Chaos of Souls Book 2)

Author: R. M. Garino
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Angels of Perdition is the second book in The Chaos of Souls Series, a fantasy fiction that weaves magical, military and humorous elements together, creating the perfect epic series.

The Immortals are back and still up to no good. What happened to Angus and Arielle at the Menace? What will the Conclave decide for their future at The Gates?

The threat of the Soul Chamber looms, and the nefarious parents of the Lethen’al emerge from the shadows. Logan and Gwen’s father returns with news of their missing sister. Other children have vanished from his village of Andover and he blames the E’ine. Against protocol, the Pride reaches the lost city of Raqui in hopes to retrieve the victims.

Sensing the surrounding chaos, the Lo’ademn begin to rise, and the shrulks mass within Golan’s Pass. Will the Immortals be able to stand against the ire of their kin and hold against the peril of the Chamber? Find out what the terrible price will be.

Read Cait Marie’s full review of book 1 here and book 2 here!

~More About The Author~

R.M. Garino has been writing for most of his life. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with what The Story is, how it functions, its hidden depths, and the different masks it wears.

He is known for writing crisp, character driven fiction that reads like viewing a film. His world creation is vast and far reaching, yet his prose is organic and devoid of informational dumps. The characters are real, believable, and inspire both affection and compassion in the reader.

Garino has a Master’s in Literature and lives in the mountains of the east coast with his wife, three children, and all the characters still waiting their turn to speak. He is an avid brewer of beer and strong coffee, a voracious reader, an aficionado of fine cigars and single malt scotch, and is not nearly as obsessed with video games as his wife believes him to be. 

Facebook: R. M. Garino
Amazon: R. M. Garino
Goodreads: R. M. Garino

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