Friday Favorites: Top 10 Fierce Females With Power

By: Cait Marie

February has been full of awesome Fierce Female posts, thanks to Ashley over at Falling Down the Book Hole for bringing a bunch of bloggers together and creating Fierce Female Reads February. Now, it’s my turn to share on this blog tour. So, given that I mainly read YA fantasy with so many awesome female protagonist, here is a list of my top 10 fierce females with power.

1. Hermione Granger

Hermione will always be my favorite. Growing up with Harry Potter, she was my role model and everything I wanted to be. She used her intelligence to protect her friends and help save the wizarding world, and remained true to her fierce self through it all.

2. Aelin Galathynius

There is no denying the fierceness of this “fire-breathing bitch queen.” Not only does she have incredible power, but she is fiercely loyal and protective, devious when needed, and insanely good at plotting. If I haven’t told you recently to go read Throne of Glass, do it.

3. Tessa Grey

Oh, Tessa. Shadowhunter, warlock, 1/3 of the greatest love triangle to ever exist… Tessa starts off as a somewhat meek girl, but quickly becomes this intense fighter, who refuses to give up on those she loves. While Will may be the attention-stealer throughout most of The Infernal Devices, Tessa is just one of the fierce females in the trilogy.

4. Feyre Archeron

I know, I’m adding another Sarah J. Maas character, shocker! Everyone knows I’m obsessed with A Court of Thorns and Roses, though. And the series is full of amazing fierce females, Feyre being one of them. From the very beginning, we see the intense fight that Feyre has to protect her family and then survive in Prythian. She’d kill and die and face her deepest fears for those she loves, and this fierceness is shown repeatedly throughout these wonderful books.

5. Juliette Ferrars

I’m not going to lie, Juliette kind of annoyed me in the beginning. However, the more I read, and the more confident she became, the more I liked her. With her growing powers and will to fight against the Reestablishment, she is truly fierce.

6. Blue de la Cour

I just finished The Blood Spell this past weekend, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Blue is an alchemist, trying to find a way to make gold in order to essentially open an orphanage home. Her love for her family, friends, and kingdom make her one of the fiercest females in this series (but let’s be honest, they could all be on this list).

7. Mare Barrow

In a world divided by the color of one’s blood, the silvers have powers and rule the people. Mare was born a red, but when her life is threatened, her own powers emerge. The royal family pretends she’s a long-lost silver and have her engaged to the youngest prince. Surrounded by her enemies, she begins working with the rebel group, the Scarlet Guard, and plots to take down the silvers from the inside. Her fierceness is shown time and time again throughout the Red Queen series.

8. Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley does not get enough credit in Harry Potter. In the books, she is incredibly badass, and the movies just do not do her justice. She’s smart and a very powerful witch, and while Harry is off searching for the horcruxes, she helps lead the resistance at Hogwarts. Everyone knows Hermione is my favorite fictional character ever, but honestly, Ginny is just as, if not more, fierce.

9. Emma Carstairs

Another fiercely loyal and powerful shadowhunter. (Y’all should be proud I only included two. This whole list could have been made up of them.) Orphaned at age 12, Emma grew up with Blackthorns, who were left in the care of their uncle at the L.A. Institute. The uncle was not present in their lives, though. Julian gets the credit for raising his four younger siblings and keeping their family together, but Emma was there to support him through it all. She’s also an incredible fighter with skills beyond her age, with the tough attitude to match.

10. Evangaline Samos

Speaking of attitudes… Evangaline Samos, another fierce female from Red Queen, was the worst in the beginning. She was cruel and fought Mare every step of the way, but there was something about her that you just couldn’t help but admire. With her ability to control metal and her take-no-crap attitude, she was truly fierce. In fact, when I decided to make this list, she was the first to come to mind.

Who are some of your favorite fierce females with power?

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