The Team

Meet Cait Marie!


Hi! I’m Cait: reader, writer, Hufflepuff, and cookie enthusiast! I have loved reading my entire life, however, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I really got into books. Within the last year or two, this passion has grown a bit out of control. Hence, the creation of this website!

Outside of reading, I am a Chief Operations Officer, an Assistant Editor, Advertising Supervisor, and writer for Coffee House Writers. Through CHW, I typically write nonfiction, but in my free time I write fiction. I am currently working on a YA Fiction series. My blog is in the works; all writing updates can be found there or on my Facebook page. I am also a full-time online student. I am attending Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of my BA in Forensic Psychology, with an English Language and Literature minor. I like to keep busy obviously!

If I’m not working on any of this, and if I’m not reading, I am usually binge-watching Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or rewatching Harry Potter for the 700th time. I’m also a concert addict, I love to paint, and I love blaring and singing along to musical soundtracks when I have the house to myself.

I will read just about anything, but YA/New Adult Fiction is my favorite. Within those categories, I’ll read any subgenre. I’m particularly fond of series, especially those of the fantasy and dystopian variety. Keep an eye out for a list of my favorites!

Meet Kesha!

Kesha Jones

Hi, my name is Kesha! My love for reading started when I was in elementary and I was hooked on the Arthur series. I know…. I know, not a lot of people might remember that series, but I was obsessed with it, haha! I ventured off to different books after that. I was of course a big Twilight fan, (still am to an extent) but once I finished being infatuated with that series, my love for reading slowed down tremendously. Then, about a year ago, my good friend Cait told me about this site called Epic Reads and it sparked my reading senses again. I discovered so many books and series that I couldn’t wait to dive into. I’ve come to enjoy YA, YA Fiction and Non-Fiction, Poetry, Fantasy, and Thriller.

Outside of reading I volunteer at a hospital and enjoy taking photos and getting lost in either Hulu or Netflix.

Meet Brandi!

Brandi Goss
 A mother of two girls ages six and three, a wife of fourteen years, and hardcore gamer. Brandi is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University working on a degree in forensic psychology. Currently living in Colorado Springs, CO, some of her favorite activities include hiking, cross stitching, cooking, and video games. Her ultimate favorite thing to do is read, which she takes advantage of a lot! Favorite authors include Kresley Cole, Cassandra Clare, Wendy Higgins, C.S. Lewis, Juliet Marillier, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. That is only naming a select few. Genres include fantasy, historical fiction, historical fantasy fiction, horror, suspense, psychological thrillers, and young adult. Brandi has a passion to help spread the joys of reading with children, finding the time for book drives for the community schools, and teaching children the thirst of getting lost between pages. Brandi has two personal libraries, one in hardcovers on two and half book shelves of her favorites, and the second is the ginormous and ever-growing digital library. This may or may not include the same books on the hardcover bookshelves, but don’t mention that to her husband.

Meet Christopher!


Christopher C. Bartlett is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a B.A. in Creative Writing and minors in Literature, Professional Writing, Sociology, and Communications. He is an avid reader of books and magazines when not writing, reading everything under the sun for the most part. Though Romance is a rare genre for him to read. Stephen King, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Charles Dickens, Piers Anthony, and Anne Rice are some of his favorite authors to name a few. He is also an avid gamer, as well as movie and TV watcher, enjoying things made from books greatly. In addition to writing for Functionally Fictional, he also writes for Coffee House Writers. He currently resides in Portland, ME, with his insane cat, Whoopster.

Meet Hayley!

Hayley Green.jpgHello fellow readers! My pen name is Hayley Green. I am a college student going to school for Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as an online BA student. I have been fascinated with writing and reading since an early age. For me, writing was an extension of playing pretend. It still is in a lot of ways.

I write a little bit of everything, but my main genre is romance. All types of romance, but mostly in the Young Adult or New Adult genres. I don’t have anything published yet, but I am working on several novellas right now, ranging from paranormal, historical, time travel, and realistic.

You can keep up with me at my blog, Coffee House Writers, and here on Functionally Fictional. I am also working on a couple of character blogs with a group of writers. One is called West Oak, or ( which is coming soon. The other doesn’t have a name.

I look forward to sharing my love of reading here and maybe even have one of the other members review my novellas here (once they are ready to be published, of course). Keep reading!


Meet Jenny!

Jenny GardnerJenny Gardner is currently an undergraduate, studying Mathematics and Information Technology. However, her interests cover a vast variety of topics. Learning is a never ending pursuit of the mind.

To that end, reading is a favorite past time. Her favorite genres include Non-fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, specifically classic literature. In Jenny’s book reviews and articles expect to hear: the interesting, the imperfect, as well as the spectacular portions of literature read.


Meet Manuela!


Hello all, my name is Manuela! I’m a recent graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with my B.A in English Language and Literature, with minors in Art History and History, and plan to continue on to a Master of Arts degree in Communication.

My love for reading began as a child when my Mom, Oma (grandma), and Opa (grandpa) would read me fairy tales and other children’s books. While I grew up a reader and always enjoyed books, 5th grade changed things for me as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in the U.S. and, thanks to my incredible teacher, my life was changed and my love for reading reached an entirely new level; one that continued to rise as each new Harry Potter was released and trips to the bookstore and library became more frequent.

As an adult, I have continued to read a variety of genres and am always on the lookout for my next read. There’s no one genre that I love over another, but I really enjoy Fantasy, YA, Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense, and Thrillers.

What began with bedtime (and anytime really) stories has exploded over the years and left me with a never-ending thirst for the next story. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on the books I read with our readers and hearing back from you guys. Thanks for visiting Functionally Fictional!