Fae Friday: Favorite Character Growth

By: Cait Marie

For me, characters make or break a book/series. I absolutely love seeing them grow and develop into something so much more than they once were.

Kristy over at Caffeinated Fae has created a weekly prompt post called Fae Friday, and last week’s prompt was all about this! So, here’s how it works if you want to participate:

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Last week’s prompt:

What are some of your favorite books that show character growth?

Shatter Me series – Tahereh Mafi

When someone mentions character development, I immediately think about about Juliette and Warner from the Shatter Me series. I will admit I didn’t really like book one the first time I read it. It felt way too fast paced, and the relationship between Juliette and Adam felt rushed. Juliette was also kind of annoying. But the story intrigued me enough to keep reading… and now it’s one of my favorite series of all time.

By the third book, Juliette had grown into this fierce young woman who isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done. She’s not afraid to go after what she wants or speak her mind.

Warner also shows a great deal of growth by then as well, but I won’t go into those details to avoid spoilers. I’ll just say there’s a lot more to the cocky villain we meet in book one than meets the eye.

Read my full review of the first three books here.
Read my full review of book four here.
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Read my full review of book six on YABC here.

The Mortal Instruments series – Cassandra Clare

This series is full of characters who grow throughout. From nerdy Simon turning into a hero, to a snotty Isabelle showing her heart to her friends, to Clary growing into a kick-butt shadowhunter, there’s just a lot.

However, my favorite (to absolutely no one’s surprise) is that of Alexander Gideon Lightwood. In the beginning, he’s this broody, quiet guy who’s afraid to be himself. By the end of book three, he’s open about his relationship with Magnus, and he’s turned into a true warrior.

Read my full review of book one here.
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Read my full ARC review of Red Scrolls of Magic here.

Dating Nashville – Ann Maree Craven & Michelle MacQueen

Beckett Anderson first appeared in the Redefining Me series as the fun friend everyone loved, regardless of which clique they fell into in high school. In Dating Nashville, he’s a big country star who starts fake dating his best friend’s younger brother after kissing him in the middle of a concert to deter an ex.

Becks is one of my absolute favorite characters of all time. He’s hilarious with a heart of gold. I loved seeing him grow, owning who he is and not shying away from what he wants.

Read my full ARC review here.

A Court of Silver Flames – Sarah J. Maas

Nesta’s journey throughout this series, alongside Cassian, is one of my favorite things in the world. She was such a bitter person, struggling with her past and guilt. In this newest book, we really get a look at the reasons behind her behavior and how she starts moving forward. She’s the very definition of hitting rockbottom before climbing back up, and that’s relatable in a way the others in the series weren’t.

Read my full review here.

The Lochlann Treaty series – Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

Charlotte (aka Charlie) is another that just completely grows into a new person. In the beginning, she’s this sad, almost naïve princess, but she develops into this completely kick-butt fighter who’s unafraid to fight for those she loves along with her kingdom.

Read my full review for book one here.

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