Cait’s Review of “The Forgotten World” by Robin D. Mahle

By: Cait Marie

This is book three of The World Apart series.

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Goodreads Blurb

Clark thought he knew what grief was. Addie thought she understood the dangers of the Tempest Sea.
They couldn’t have been more wrong.

When their only chance at survival lands them on opposite ends of an island that shouldn’t exist, they will both be forced to contend with the consequences of their latest mistakes – and each other’s.

Will they be able to keep the promises they made one another, even as loss and circumstance morphs them into the very people they never thought they would be? Or will their relationship be the next casualty in this never-ending battle? 


I don’t know how this series keeps getting better, but it does. This third book is just… so much happens I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve now traveled from Central Island, through the Tempest Seas, and are now on the mystical, floating island Levelia.

The characters have grown tremendously. It started off being all about Addie and Clark, but the series has evolved to the point where I am so invested in all the side characters that I am terrified for the finale*. I love that the sequels have included their points of view. That was a really smart move on the authors part as it rounds out the story so well.

This series has kind of taken over my life… Definitely check it out!

*This review is from last year. I have since finished the series. My opinion still stands; this series is incredible, and I cannot wait to re-read it.

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