Cait’s Review of “A Court of Frost and Starlight” by Sarah J. Maas

By: Cait Marie

A Court of Frost and Starlight is a novella that follows A Court of Wings and Ruin. If you’ve been following me on any social media in the last eight months, you are well aware of my obsession with the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. The series has been extended, and Maas in releasing more books from other characters’ perspectives. This book is to gap the third book, which was initially the finale, to the new books.

Find the book here!

Without giving too much away, I felt it did a great job of doing that. It gave us a look into our beloved inner circle’s lives after the war against Hybern. They are preparing and celebrating the winter solstice and the whole book is just magical. It also sets things up for the new books by leaving us with many questions and needing more.

I absolutely loved this book. I finished it in about 24 hours, which is the fastest I have read a new release since high school. A lot of people were complaining that it is short, but it’s 229 pages and it’s a novella! Yes, I wish it were longer, but that’s just because I could sit and read about this gang forever. It was really great. If you love this series, pick up a copy ASAP.



My gods. This. Book. Again, I absolutely loved this book. I loved getting a look at everyone’s life after the war. Reading about the inner circle just hanging out, drinking, and celebrating, was just perfect. There were so many moments where I just could not stop smiling. I didn’t take notes or mark favorite passages because I would have ended up tagging each page.

I do remember specifically loving chapter 12. This is when they all get together for dinner the first time. I was laughing out loud throughout the entire thing, it was great. This book also made me tear up a few times. For example, when Feyre was talking to the weaver. It broke my heart, but also gave me hope, which was literally the whole point. It was just beautiful. I also loved seeing the gifts exchanged. It was such a heart-warming celebration (for the most part). Plus, we finally got our wall scene… You know what I’m talking about.

Thoughts on the inner circle:

  • Feyre and Rhys — I am clumping them together because that’s how it should be. They’re still perfect. Their interactions still make me smile, especially when she calls him an asshole and he calls her Feyre, darling.
  • Cassian — I have a hard time picking a favorite character in this inner circle (other than Rhys, obviously), but Cass is probably it. He’s just so… Cassian. If you’ve read the books, you understand.
  • Nesta — Because who else would I put after Cassian? Nesta is a very difficult character, but I still love her. I don’t like seeing her in this current state, though, and I want her to get back to her snarky-self. Also, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH HER AND CASSIAN!! This is the biggest reason I want the new books. I ship them so hard, but I also just want to know what the heck they’re thinking. This whole book was super vague about that. It kept using phrases like “what they are to each other,” and I need an explanation. Are they mates? Is it something else to do with her power? I need answers!!
  • Azriel — I love Azriel and I just want him to be happy. Maas needs to stop dragging my little cinnamon roll around and make him happy. I love him and Elain, and I want to see more of their interactions in the future. That gift exchange was too cute.
  • Elain — I loved seeing her develop in this book! She’s still very conservative and quiet, but she was actually talking and interacting with the others. It just melted my heart.
  • Mor — I just want her to be open with everyone. Or at least Azriel so he can move on. I also just want more about her, which I’m assuming we’ll get with the new books because that cryptic ending with the shadow watching her on her private estate… what?
  • Amren — I don’t really have many thoughts about Amren from this book. I felt like she was just kind of there most of the time, but there wasn’t anything about her story line that left me desperate for answers.


Have you read it yet? What are your thoughts? Do you have any theories about the future books? Let me know in the comments!

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