Cait’s Review of “Areion” by Lela Grayce

By: Cait Marie

Okay, I know it’s not Tuesday, but I was excited to share about this book, so we’re making an exception to the schedule. What’s the point of making my own website if I can’t talk about books whenever I want, right?

*I received an ARC copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Find the book here!

Areion is a new fantasy novel by Lela Grayce, and it is fantastic! In this book, the world has been split into magic and non-magic parts: Earth being the non-magical portion and Gaai being the magical. Within Gaai, there are four elemental kingdoms: air, earth, fire, and water. After an evil character takes over and causes the downfall and splitting of the world, a prophecy was made. The prophecy is that twins from each of the four elements will rise up and bring unity to their world.

This story is primarily about twins Wendy and DeeDee. When one of them is attacked on their eighteenth birthday, they are swept up into this magic-filled world, quite literally. They discover a lot about themselves and their true home as they take this journey.

I had a very hard time putting this book down. The only reason it took me as long as it did was because I got busy with finals. The world-building is just incredible in this book and the characters were relatable. There is a lot to take in, but the more your read, the more it all makes sense. It’s action-packed with magical creatures in an original light vs. dark scenario. It was upbeat and amusing in parts, while still dealing with the serious issue of saving their kingdoms. I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait for the next one!

Areion was released April 24, 2018! Get your copy here on Amazon!



This book was intense and I have so many questions I need answered in the sequel! Here are just a few questions and theories:

  • Who is Josiah to DeeDee?! This is literally going to drive me insane. Same with Mathias and Wendy. I need to know, and I’m worried it won’t be answered soon because the next book is from the Scylla twins’ POVs.
  • Is one of the other twins evil or possessed by a demon? I have a theory that it’s Mathias, but I hope I’m wrong.
  • In the end we find out that Kaul has been possessed the whole time, which is why he was awful to Layne and Ryker. However, he wasn’t awful to them until they were teenagers, if I remember correctly. Was the demon just pretending to play nice? What happened to make him flip? I know it’s something to do with DeeDee and Wendy, but I want more of an explanation.
  • The most important question: WHEN IS BOOK TWO COMING OUT?! I need it. Now.

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