The Dragon Mafia Chronicles : Book 1-3

Author: Lela GrayceGet it here! Do not serve drinks to a dragon mob boss. They bite. Zero stars.A century ago, rips in reality appeared all around the globe, allowing creatures from myth to surge into our world.Dragons.Shifters.Fae.Witches.All now walk the earth in an established hierarchy of power. At the bottom of that chain are mixed-species... Continue Reading →

Watchers and Artifacts : Books .5-3

Author: Lela GrayceGet it here! Despite owning a magic shop, having to play it safe by keeping a low profile on her talents has caused Fancy's life to fall short of the mystical adventure she hoped for. Until a detective from the Nightwatch sauntered in. Detective Walker is as hot as they come and has... Continue Reading →

Lover Book Tag

By: Cait Marie I was super excited to see Sara @ The Bibliophagist created this tag! Given that I'm low-key obsessed, I couldn't resist. I even got my ME! long-sleeved shirt and signed single a couple weeks ago. Rules: Link back to the creator, Sara @ The Bibliophagist!Answer the questions!Tag whoever you want and link... Continue Reading →

TBR Tuesday: April/May 2019

By: Cait Marie Hello, hello! Things are crazy hectic right now, so I apologize for the lack of posts and reviews. However, things are slowing down in other areas of my life, so I'm going to be reading a lot these next couple weeks. It's a light-ish week of schoolwork, and next week I'm off... Continue Reading →

Pale Horizon

Authors: Heather Renee and Lela Grayce Synopsis: There are only two things Lavinia is certain of: she's not as human as she thought and her family's not quite as dead as she had been told. Captured and alone, Lavinia must find a way to free herself and Jameson from the clutches of the most treacherous... Continue Reading →

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