The Azure Dragon (The Dragon Empress)

Author: Kayla Maya
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I wasn’t just a girl. I was a warrior; dragon; daughter.

Everything is torn from Li Mei’s life the moment a letter from the emperor reaches her doorstep. She’s to be a contestant in this year’s Empress Games. Being chosen is supposed to be an honor, but for Li Mei, it’s nothing but a curse.

Thirty-two girls from across the realm are chosen to vie for Prince Li Wei’s affections. Except, Li Mei doesn’t want anything to do with the games or the prince. She’d rather be at home with her mother and best friend.

Li Mei must travers a glittering court life while juggling her affections towards the prince and a certain guard sent to protect her. Everything seems to be going according to plan until evil surfaces in the form of an unknown king in a distant realm.

Can Li Mei learn to fight in time to save those she loves, or will her world fall to ruin?

The Azure Dragon is a Young Adult Fantasy Romance, book one in the Dragon Empress Trilogy releasing in 2023.

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