Lost To Desire: The Early Years

Get it here Love, joy or sadness, how do you fulfill a predetermined destiny? This series of poems channels all the above and touches on the path that we all take. Which one will you choose? What desire do you seek in life? With haiku's and poems regarding difficult choices, I give you a glimpse... Continue Reading →

Watchers and Artifacts : Books .5-3

Author: Lela GrayceGet it here! Despite owning a magic shop, having to play it safe by keeping a low profile on her talents has caused Fancy's life to fall short of the mystical adventure she hoped for. Until a detective from the Nightwatch sauntered in. Detective Walker is as hot as they come and has... Continue Reading →

The Night Fisher Elegies: Stories Verse & Reflection

Author: Dean MayesGet it here! Taking the reader on a journey through love, faith, death, grief, family and dreams, “The Night Fisher Elegies” weaves together powerful explorations of humanism, moments of reflection tinged with melancholy and short verses, which inhabit the sometimes brutal landscape of self examination. Dean wanders through a palace of memories contained... Continue Reading →

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