She Reigns (She Awakens)

Author: Caitlin Denman
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Hold on tight for the pulse-pounding conclusion to the gripping She Awakens Series!

The fulfillment of the prophecy is at hand.

To claim the crown and restore peace, Attina must first defeat the tyrant king. But victory won’t come easy. Known to be the most powerful of the Fae, King Henrik would sooner burn his kingdom to the ground than relinquish his throne.

More than ever, Attina needs a strong team by her side. Unfortunately, allies will be hard to come by. James and Commander Demarco have proven to be against her. Raven is still recuperating from her injuries. And Allister is struggling to prove himself as the rightful heir of the Easter Fae.

When the time comes to face Henrik, will Attina stand alone?

The drums of war have sound. An epic battle is at hand. Relationships will be tested. Betrayals revealed. When the smoke clears, will Attina emerge from Shadow Mountain as queen? Or will Henrik see to it that she pays for her treachery with her life?

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