Watchers and Artifacts : Books .5-3

Author: Lela Grayce
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Despite owning a magic shop, having to play it safe by keeping a low profile on her talents has caused Fancy’s life to fall short of the mystical adventure she hoped for. Until a detective from the Nightwatch sauntered in. Detective Walker is as hot as they come and has a powerful need… for Fancy’s unique abilities.

Learning she can see magic and decipher its purpose, Walker seeks her help in discovering the origins of an artifact that had recently been discovered. Drawn to the item, Fancy is compelled to uncover all its secrets when she accidentally activates it with a simple touch. Its magic grabs ahold of her and refuses to let go.

Now, the Hellhounds and reapers hired to track down the artifact have marked her as a target. Nothing will stop them from claiming their prize. As the magnetic pull of a true mate bond begins to form between Fancy and Walker, they find themselves catapulted into a race for their lives. Can they unlock the mysteries of the artifact in time to save Fancy? Or will the truths they uncover thrust them into a nightmare they can never escape?

This is a box set that contains the first four books in the Watchers and Artifacts Series. It includes the prologue novella Genesis, book one Witch’s Fancy, book two Reaper Witch, and book three Pixie Witch.

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