A Taste of Love: A Romance Anthology (Senses of Love)

Author: Kyle Shoop
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Fall in love with this new humorous, compelling romance story. This is a stand-alone novel.

Love is the sweetest adventure. But when searching for the “one,” what happens when you find TWO? When faced with two different recipes for love, which one will Nikki choose?

Nikki had two goals in life: to become a famous wedding chef and to find love. She always felt that only one of these goals was realistic, while the other seemed like a dream influenced by her years of being a server at other people’s weddings in downtown New York City. But which goal would it be? Would it ever be her turn to wear the wedding dress?

Nikki wasn’t just trying to find a husband, she was looking for love. After a year, she was a pro at first dates and judging which men were right for her: none.

But then it happened. Nikki actually asked a guy out on a second date. Was she finally on the path to love? He was everything she’d been looking for – easily checking all of her boxes.

But then it happened … again. This time by happenstance. A second date with a different guy. He, too, checked all of her boxes.

Nikki was in trouble. That lofty goal of finding love had backfired. Now, she was in love with two different men. Would either of them be her recipe for love? And if so, which one?

The books in the series may be read in any order, and each book is a stand-alone story.

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