Sentinel: Blue Blooded Brothers

Author: Sofia Aves
Get your copy here!

The man with a black heart has found someone to love.

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Black is the veteran of his ex-partner’s task force. An exceptional knife fighter and hand-to-hand combat expert, he’s perfectly placed to infiltrate an illegal cage fighting ring. He’s also head-over-heels for Jenny Smith, foster mum of criminal mastermind Wayde Logan’s daughter.

Jenny, the focus of his live-in protective detail.

Even though Logan has been denied bail, his reach extends further than Black would like. Jenny and her foster daughter Ashley are placed in safe house after safe house, the moves taking his protective detail into the public eye. With both Jenny and Black living on a constant knife edge, tension explodes between then, an attraction neither can try to deny. Jenny knows better than to get between Black and his job, but she manages to push the strict boundaries he’s set her. When he promises her a single dirty night together, she doesn’t know if it’s the start of something incredible, or the end of everything she cares about.
Black can’t believe he’s offered Jenny what they both crave. He knows it’s a bad idea, but he can’t keep his hands off the woman he’s sharing the ghost of an existence with.

When the cage fighting assignment conflicts with his protective detail, Black is strung between his loyalties.

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