Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Classic Tales

By: Jenny Gardner Lets be honest! Sometimes readers hear "classic literature" and cringe. Many modern readers prefer newer tales, which is perfectly fine. However, what if you are missing out on great literary adventure because you've never read the more obscure amazing picks? These are my top ten classic choices, which may be from authors... Continue Reading →

Missing in London

Anna Davies Mystery Book 3Author: Rita Lee ChapmanGet a copy here! Arthur Hambledon, Anna’s best-selling author, has just finished his latest book which he says “will raise some eyebrows.” Then Arthur disappears, along with the manuscript. Anna Davies is working in London as a Senior Editor for a respected Publishing Company. When her most famous... Continue Reading →

Missing at Sea

Anna Davies Mystery Book 2Author: Rita Lee ChapmanGet a copy here! Three years on from Egypt, Anna Davies embarks on her first cruise with best friend Sandra. A few days into the holiday they are woken by three blasts from the ship’s foghorn, indicating that someone has fallen overboard. A woman is lost at sea;... Continue Reading →

Missing in Egypt

Anna Davies Mystery Book 1Author: Rita Lee ChapmanGet a copy here! Missing in Egypt will intrigue you with its twists and turns, romance and adventure as well as its insights into Australian and Egyptian cultures. Australian Anna Davies travels to Egypt with her lover to help him search for his brother, who disappeared whilst on... Continue Reading →

Fool’s Errand

Author: Jenna ZarkGet a copy from Amazon here!Get a copy from Book Depository (FREE INTL shipping) here!* Sequel to The Beat on Ruby's Street. When her best friend Sophie goes missing, 12-year-old Ruby Tabeata has a choice: wait for her friend to come home or defy her parents and find Sophie. Set during the 1950s... Continue Reading →

The Beat on Ruby’s Street

Author: Jenna Zark Get a copy from Amazon here!Get a copy from Book Depository (free INTL shipping) here!* The last thing eleven-year-old Ruby Tabeata expected to happen on her way to a Jack Kerouac reading was to be hauled to the police station. It’s 1958 and Ruby is the opposite of a 1950s stereotype: fierce,... Continue Reading →

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