Ethan Murphy And The Quest For The Minal

Author: Anita Mishra
Get your copy here!

A middle-grade action, adventure, and mystery–a must-read!

Thirteen-year-old Ethan Murphy lived with his mother and had little to do with the outside world. He possessed unique puzzle-solving abilities.

When he received his grandfather’s letter, which said, “Your aunt has been abducted just like your father,” everything changed for Ethan. He set out to rescue his aunt only to learn about his father’s secret life and the ROM Agency.

Ethan and his team had to solve the most complicated riddles written by his father and find the centuries’-old buried treasure to rescue his aunt from a dangerous gang.

But wait, riddles were not the only thing that blocked their way.

Could Ethan survive outside his comfort zone and rescue his aunt before it was too late? Could he confront external challenges while still facing his inner demons?

Join Ethan Murphy and his team to solve the codes, unravel the mysteries, and earn a chance to be an agent of the ROM Agency.

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