Three Misfortunes: A Halloween Short Story

Author: Heather Dowell & B.L. Koller
Get your copy here!

Beware. Anything can happen at a carnival…

…especially in a town full of witches, vampires, and werewolves.

Dove has spent her life feeling like an outsider, not knowing her place in the world. Being the only human and self-taught witch in her coven, she must work twice as hard to fit in and accept the customs of her magical society. Still, she’s a young girl determined to follow the rules and make her troubles a thing of the past.

It’s not all bad, her boyfriend Damon loves her and makes her feel less alone.

There’s just one problem…he’s a vampire. And after a dark history of massacring witches, their relationship goes against all the rules.

They want a night of fun, but Dove is afraid to risk her good standing with her adoptive family and the coven, or worse, getting exiled and having them take away her powers and memories. Nothing, not even and adventure with Damon, would be worth changing her way of life. Without magic or friends, she’d never survive long enough to find happiness at a new school or fill the hole in her heart.

But the annual Halloween carnival has returned to Dewhurst; and for the first time in a year, it seems like a secret meet-up away from adults may be possible. After all, her tarot cards never lie.

Can they enjoy a night out and feel like every other couple for once? Or will their forbidden romance destroy them?

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