Friday Favorites: Magical Creatures

By: Stephanie Wyatt Magical creatures are my favorite part of fantasy; I love reading books where magical creatures exist. I feel like it adds an extra layer to a story if you see a mermaid having a coffee at the local coffee shop. You can find the full list of Friday Favorites prompts here. Bloggers,... Continue Reading →


Brought to you by: Dangerous Words PublishingGet your copy here! Join these paranormal prisoners as they break free from their confinement! Vampires, shifters, witches, monsters and more fill the cells of the paranormal prisons in this collection. Some are innocent, others guilty as sin. However they landed in lockup, these incarcerated supernatural bad boys and... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Mythical Creatures

By: Stephanie Wyatt Mythical creatures are my favorite part of the fantasy genre. I always appreciated that the different creatures existed in normal places if I just went looking for them. So, here are my favorite mythical creatures and the place I fell in love with them. 10. Elves Okay, it’s December so I can... Continue Reading →

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