Three Misfortunes: A Halloween Short Story

Author: Heather Dowell & B.L. KollerGet your copy here! Beware. Anything can happen at a carnival… …especially in a town full of witches, vampires, and werewolves. Dove has spent her life feeling like an outsider, not knowing her place in the world. Being the only human and self-taught witch in her coven, she must work... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday: September 18, 2019

By: Katie Robinson Hey y’all! It has felt nice to be reading a lot again, so I’m super excited to be doing WWW Wednesday with you all. This will be a great opportunity to share some good things I’ve read recently, what I’m reading now, and what’s sitting in my TBR pile. WWW Wednesday is... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Classic Tales

By: Jenny Gardner Lets be honest! Sometimes readers hear "classic literature" and cringe. Many modern readers prefer newer tales, which is perfectly fine. However, what if you are missing out on great literary adventure because you've never read the more obscure amazing picks? These are my top ten classic choices, which may be from authors... Continue Reading →

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