#READShadowhunter Readalong 2.0

By: Cait Marie

Hello, hello! It’s time to restart my favorite readathon. Let’s just jump right in…

What is READShadowhunter?

READShadowhunter is a readalong created by Stephanie over at Books in the Skye, where a small group of bloggers guide readers through the Shadowhunter world. There are 19 books in this series (after the 2 releases coming up), and that is a lot of books! It can get very overwhelming, and there are many place you can start. Our goal is to make this a very easy guide so you can follow along and chat with others about this series!

We will explore 1 book a month (broken into 4 weeks). We’ll post a suggested reading schedule. This will help lead discussions without any spoilers and break it up so you don’t feel overwhelmed because some of the books are tomes!

With exploring 1 book a month, this gives people plenty of time to get/borrow the books if they don’t already have them and are able to read other books on their TBR!

Can anyone join, even if I’ve read the books before?

Yes! This is open to everybody, whether it’s your first or fifth time through the series.

When does this start?

We start May 4 with Clockwork Angel. You can view the tentative schedule below. (The “March 4” in the graphic is just a typo.)

How do we follow discussions/reading?

There are several ways to follow along! You can always use the hashtag #READShadowhunter to see who is posting what and anything related. Most discussions will be held in the Discord channel, or you can fill out this form to be added to the Twitter chat.

Discussions will happen all throughout the readalong, but we will hold one big discussion at the end of each book. At the end of each series, there will be a giveaway for everyone who participated in the discussions!

Who are the bloggers?

I am so lucky to be a part of this readalong again! And this year we have official titles. So, let’s meet the team:

Stephanie will be your acting Inquisitor. You can follow her blog and her Twitter

Auburn will be your Consul. You can follow her blog and her Twitter

Cassandra is the head of the London Institute. You can follow her blog and her Twitter

Cait (that’s me!) is the head of the NY Institute. You can follow me here on Functionally Fictional and on Twitter — (That’s right, this basically makes me Alec, who is my favorite. I might have freaked out a bit when assigned…)

Mah is the head of the L.A. Institute. You can follow her blog and her Twitter

If we didn’t cover one of your questions please feel free to reach out!

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