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Friday Favorites: Series

By: Cait Marie Like I mentioned in the last TBR Tuesday post, I love series. If I have the choice, I will almost always pick a series to read. And the more books the better! Unless it starts dragging on for no reason, obviously. Typically, a series consist of three or more books. However, for… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Series

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Cait’s November/December Book Haul

By: Cait Marie Hello! It's been a while! The last couple months have been super busy. I’ve still been reading everyday, but I have had very little time to write reviews and book hauls. Because I missed a month, I am covering both October and November in this, so bear with me. There was a… Continue reading Cait’s November/December Book Haul

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A Year in Review… of Books!

By: Cait Marie To start us off, I thought I would share my article from the beginning of the year with the list of my favorite books from 2017. Check out the list here. What was your favorite book you read this past year? Have you read any of these? Have any suggestions for what… Continue reading A Year in Review… of Books!