Mariah’s Review of “Little Girls” by Ronald Malfi

By: Mariah Brown

*Warning: There is some slight reference to child molesting towards the end of the book. I want to point this out in case it is a trigger for any of the future readers.

Little Girls by Ronald Malfi was a book about Laurie and her family returning home after her father passed away. When she was a child, there was a room upstairs that always stayed closed, and she was not allowed to enter. Being back in the house brought back a lot of memories for her and made her want to sell it even faster. She had memories of her childhood that included her friend who was her next-door neighbor. She started feeling as if someone was watching her while she was in the house. 

Once the plot of the book started to build with Laurie’s memories, the book became even more interesting because of her development. She went from thinking her father was one person to someone completely different. When Ronald Malfi was writing about this part of the book, he made it seem like Laurie knew bits and pieces of what her father was doing, but only recently she was gaining the entire picture of who her father was. It was all weaved together smoothly and was intriguing once the truth was revealed.

Throughout the book there was a lot of twists and turns which made me excited to keep reading the book. I absolutely loved how Ronald Malfi wrote this book. The only thing that could have been done a bit differently was the ending. It was a huge cliff hanger, and I have not seen a second book. If there were to be a second book, the ending would be perfect, but as it stands it leaves a lot of questions. Other than this part, I enjoyed every bit of the book.

The psychological elements involved in this book were amazing. It created the twists of who is haunting Laurie and why. Ronald even pulled together all the loose ends that occurred throughout the book. The best part was how the ghost didn’t get what it wanted.

I would highly recommend this book to someone who enjoys scary books that have suspense and a bit of mystery to them. This book covers a variety of genres, which means I truly think most people would enjoy it. Please let me know if you have read it or plan to read it in the comments below.

My rating for this book is a 4.5/5 stars with the way it currently is.

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