Christopher’s Review Of Nightmare Magazine

By: Christopher Bartlett

Nightmare Magazine is a monthly magazine dedicated to dark fantasy and horror stories edited by John Joseph Adams. It has featured stories and articles by the likes of Adam Howe, Adam-Troy Castro, Bonnie Jo Stuffiebeam, Brandon Massey, Carrie Vaughn, Christa Faust, Clive Barker, and Joe Hill, to name some, though there are so any more in their pages. Some of the ones listed you might or might not recognize, and whose short stories will be reviewed on their own merit later. Nightmare Magazine does its utmost to bring quality dark fantasy and horror literature to its readers at an affordable price year-round.

At the same time, they work to dissolve long-held illusions about the genres. They have held a yearly special issue usually in October since 2014 to do this that has so far featured all women people of color and queer writers, with who knows what to come. All of them have been as good if not better than their regular issues and are the only ones to be in both digital and print format. In print format, it shows that each month’s issue is basically the size of a novel.

Even as it is as big as a regular anthology might be, with no central theme normally set for each issue, you’re almost always likely to find some gem that strikes the terror bone in you. Well, unless you are looking for something similar to most of modern horror cinema. The magazine aims to strike the iron of classic horror and dark fantasy that left people with a chill after reading it or seeing it. Instead of readers/viewers being like “that part was so cool” as happens often with modern horror cinema.

Nightmare Magazine also uses pen and ink illustrations to further bring its stories to life. Further raising its quality level in my book. Therefore, as a literary magazine and a book, Nightmare Magazine gets 5 out of 5 stars. So, why are you still here? Go grab a copy of the latest issue.

*Tips his hat merging with the shadows.*

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