Cait’s ARC Review of “Frenemies” by Emma Hart

By: Cait Marie

*I received a free advanced copy of this book from the author for my honest review.*

Throughout college, Imogen and Mason had a strictly physical relationship. When he graduated and left without saying goodbye, Immy was more hurt than she wanted to admit.

Years later, Mason happens to move in next door to Immy and her obnoxious grandmother… with his toddler daughter. Both are fighting their true feelings, but when Mason makes his clear, Immy has to decide whether or not she’s ready to forgive him. And whether getting involved after their history is the best decision for his daughter.

This might be my new favorite Emma Hart book… it was just so funny and adorable. I am a sucker for the single father trope, as well as friends/enemies to lovers, and this combined them all very well.

Immy and Mason start their new neighbor relationship with an all-out prank war, which was super amusing. It brought back a lot of my own college memories. But to see them grow into friends, then admitting the feelings they’ve always had was amazing. I love their friendship and how comfortable they are together despite the years apart.

Mason’s daughter, Immy’s grandmother, and a puppy who refuses to behave fill the book with a variety of comedy to balance out the trouble Immy has from moving on from the past. I also love that Mason is friends with his ex/daughter’s mother. I think that really added to his lovable personality (as if him caring for his three year old didn’t already melt my heart). There are also, of course, the steamy scenes. The first time he kisses her… I went back and read those couple lines like three times because I loved it so much. Arguing before kissing will always be one of my favorite things in a book, and this one was perfect.

As always, Emma did a great job of sucking me into the story and keeping me there. It was very hard to put down! The only reason this review is so late is because I’ve been insanely busy. Things should be calming down in the next week or two, which is good because I really need to go through and read all of Emma’s older books now!

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