Mariah’s Review of “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare

By: Mariah Brown

This review is over the book City of Bones (1st book in The Mortal Instruments series) by Cassandra Clare. I was originally hesitant to read this book because of how much the public raved about the series. I did not want to be disappointed in the series, but that was further from the truth once I took the time out to read it. I found the plot interesting and realized that the entire series has so much growth potential, I could not wait to continue reading the books. I enjoyed this book so much that I have continued with the second and third book in the series. This book is a fantasy lover’s dream. It involves werewolves, Nephilim, vampires, and demons. There are also many different weapons and equipment used, like most fantasy novels have. I completely enjoyed the types of characters in the book and how Cassandra made the book an exciting read. As a person who enjoyed the Harry Potter series, this book has helped stave off my need for more Harry Potter books.

The way Cassandra Clare created the Shadowhunter world allowed me to feel like a true person experiencing the same situations that Clary and the other characters were involved in. At the same time, we were introduced to the characters through Clary Fray’s eyes. The way Cassandra Clare pulled me from Clary’s normal reality to this other Shadowhunter universe was a smooth and amazing transition. I know this book is only over a short period of time, but it allowed me to know exactly who the characters were.

Within the book there are many characters including Jace, Isabella, Alec, Hodge, etc., and they all had a separate role to play in Clary’s life. They also create a better sense of what the Shadowhunter world is like. The plot does start to unfold a little bit once Valentine is mentioned in the book. You should definitely read the book to find out what I am talking about!

The best part of this book were the twists and turns that were unexpected. I can usually predict where the plot of a story is headed, but this time I could not. This creates an amazing reading experience. I have heard that as Cassandra’s books continue, they get better and better, which has made me extremely excited for the future. I plan to read all her books because the first one was good.

I give this book a 5/5-star rating. I highly recommend continuing with the series too. The best part is there are a bunch of books in the series which means the reader will be reading for a while before running out of books. I also highly recommend this book and series to people who need to find a new outlet for their Harry Potter series obsessions. It created an outlet for me and I think it would do the same for many other people.

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