Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits (Small Town Girl Book 3)

Author: Jann Franklin
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Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits (Small Town Girl)

Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits is the third part of the Small Town Girl Book Series

The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana needs leadership, and Jen Guidry is ready to help!

The village has no mayor or alderman. But who would want a job that paid less than twenty-five dollars a month?
The Guidry family had become Graisseville’s fifth founding family, and the Fontenot family attempted to reconcile. But Walt couldn’t forgive them for cutting off his grandmother Evelyn Fontenot when she married Wade Guidry. Would God soften Walt’s heart?
Chris Landry and Annie Gladstone set their wedding for June with Jen’s son James as the ring bear (as he called that important job). How well would James perform?
And what about the star-crossed romance of Acadian Fontenot and Gracie St. Clair? What happened in the past to cause such awkwardness seventeen years later? Would either of them find love? As always, God had a plan.
Don’t miss the final adventures of a small-town wife, mother and friend, as she discovers how to embrace God’s plan for her life.
Grab your copy of this hometown book and follow along as Jen navigates a life she never expected to love. You’ll laugh, cry and roll your eyes at the antics of this charming small-town Southern heroine.
This book is the third of the Small-Town Girl Series.

About the Small Town Girl Book Series

These amazing fictional small town stories by Jann Franklin give a pure glimpse of what it’s like to live small town life in America. Join Jen in her adventure of living in a community of just 298 people. Her book is one of the delightful stories of a small town girl, and her adventures (and misadventures) in navigating small town life.

Trading Bright Lights for Lightning Bugs, Shining Stars and Mason Jars, and Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits are books about small town America and beautiful things that people don’t appreciate these days.

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