A Curse of Time and Treasure (McFey Salvage Book 1)

Author: S.Z. Cypress
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Between the ebb of fantasy and the crush of reality lies the greatest treasure of all time.

A mother’s curse…

For the captain of an ancient ship, time is another destination on an endless journey. Bound to the sea, ANDRÉ MARIN drifts through four endless centuries in search of the virtuous woman whose unconditional love will defeat his mother’s curse and return his crew to the mortal world.

A father’s legacy…
In a race against the ticking clock, skilled oceanographer TINA BELLE MCFEY explores the frigid waves of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of Scottish artifacts. Her father’s death left her pummeled by a storm of debts, struggling to keep the family salvage business afloat. Using the snappy wit of a modern woman, Belle must avoid the ghostly captain’s seductive lure long enough to prove she is more than a lucky scavenger.

When Andre enters Belle’s dreams, they set sail on a passionate sea of undeniable attraction and insurmountable odds. Will their love be his salvation? Or her ruin?

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