A Meowing Suspicion: A Crystal Beach Paranormal Cozy Mystery – Book 4 (Crystal Beach Magic Mystery)

Author: Karen McSpade
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Magic in this witch’s family has a name: Trouble.

With her biggest clue now in hand, Sidney must use it to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend. But this requires skillful sleuthing and Ada-Mae’s special potion to cover their tracks. What surprise will her grandmother pull from her magical shawl this time? And will it protect them or bring more trouble for these quirky witches?

And that’s not all of Sidney’s problems. When her mother falls head-over-heels for a shady realtor, Sidney smells a snake in the sand dunes. Well, make it two if you count the magic hold Officer Reece’s deputy has over him. Sidney will have to deal with them both if she wants to break the love hexes before it’s too late.

As dark stormy clouds descend over this small town, a sinister plan is hatched by the murderer and Sidney looks for the ghost of her grandfather to guide her. But where is he when she needs him? And what about Mojo—what’s caught this cat’s tongue? Can Sidney stir up her own magical spell in time to save her family and put the murderer behind bars?

Read A Meowing Suspicion, book 4 in the Crystal Beach Mystery Series, for a bewitchingly fun paranormal cozy mystery with charming characters that will keep you spellbound!

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