Mariah’s Review of “The Hiding Place” by Helen Phifer

By: Mariah Brown

This book is the third in the series by Helen Phifer, and it was just as good as the other books. There were not as many twists in this book as the last one, but it still stumped me on who the criminal was. This mystery was of missing girls, and it was harder to solve than the other books until the Morgan fell right into the lap of the criminal at the end.

I loved how Phifer wrote this book because I was not expecting Morgan to end up where she was. It was a little nerve wracking to read how she would get out of her predicament, but as always, things work out very well for Morgan, and I believe Phifer does this on purpose. She solves the crimes the best way she knows how.

I cannot wait to find out how the future books with Morgan will go, as so far, they have been amazing and I hope nothing changes that. I plan to start the fourth book as soon as I possibly can because I just got done with this book.

I really hope a relationship develops between two of the main characters, but only time will tell. Join me on this journey if you dare.

I rate this book a 5/5 stars and recommend this to everyone who loves mystery crime books. If you start reading this series, please let me know in the comments. I would love to talk books with you!

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