Cait’s Review of “Not Friends” by Rachel John

By: Cait Marie


Friends come and go. I wish this one would go.

 I know Denver Talcott hates me as much as I hate him, but since we’re sharing custody of the same friend, I can’t get rid of him. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Worse, he’s now working at the same startup as me. My dream job cannot be his dream job, because my dream is to not see him on a daily basis.

Denver… You wouldn’t think a prickly introvert could also be a busybody, but it’s possible. I’ve met one. Sadie raises my blood pressure with her mere presence, and she can’t ever know that. She’d weaponize it. And then sell the recipe to other sadists.

Plus, I have another secret—this pesky attraction I feel towards her.

It’s got to be one of those inappropriate reactions to stress, like when you laugh while being reprimanded, or see your to-do list and decide to take a nap.

I’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. I just won’t ever look at her. Except now we’re desk mates at work…


I’ve enjoyed this whole series, but this is definitely my favorite! I absolutely loved Sadie’s and Denver’s story. It was so much fun!

Enemies to lovers is usually my preferred trope, but I love even more when it’s enemies to reluctant friends to lovers. This fit so perfectly.

Sadie and Denver have mutual friends, but they can’t stand each other. At least, that’s what they claim. Things get even more tense when they both get new jobs at the GoWithFriends company. Not only are they forced to work together in the same small office, but they’re partnered up to go on fake dates and group outings among clients.

The more they work together, the more they realize there is a lot more to the other than meets the eye. They’re both hiding their true selves, but those walls begin to come down. And then, to their horror, they realize that they don’t hate each other. More than that, it’s getting difficult to deny the attraction between them.

There’s so much tension and banter. The back and forth was fantastic. It was very well done!

Not Friends was such an easy read that was hard to put down. The only reason it took me so long to read is because I’ve been extremely busy. I truly adored this book and highly recommend it to those who like clean romance.

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