Cait’s Review of “Sun Touched” by Becky Moynihan

By: Cait Marie


A little sun never hurt anyone . . . unless you’re me.

Ever since I was turned into a vampire, my private investigator job has been my life. Then my sire, Kade Carmichael, crashes back into it. I try to shake him, but he has other plans.

When I’m asked to investigate a homicide case, Kade manages to make himself my partner. The more time I’m forced to spend with him, the harder it is to deny feelings I thought were long buried.

To make matters worse, a mysterious stalker is obsessed with exposing me as the murderer. Soon, not only is my career at stake, my very life is.

Kade might be the only one who can help me, but that means letting him in. And losing my life doesn’t scare me nearly as bad as risking my heart.


I have loved this entire series, and I was so excited to hear Moynihan was giving side characters Isla and Kade their own book. Both Isla and Kade were wonderful in the original trilogy, and I couldn’t wait for more. And let me tell you… this book did not disappoint.

It was everything.

Honestly, as much as I adore the others, it’s now my favorite. Not only is it my favorite in the series, but I think it’s my new favorite of Moynihan’s in general. Which is saying something because I’m obsessed with her Elite Trials series.

There was just so much tension, and it was so well written. It’s got murder mystery vibes, but it’s set in the paranormal world. I’m not even a fan of mysteries usually, but I just devoured this book. The ONLY reason it took me as long as it did to read was because I was frantically trying to meet my own book deadline.

Isla is so fierce and stubborn. Kade is like sunshine, but he can also be intense. The two together are just amazing, even if Isla is in denial for a good while. She has her reasons though, and it’s understandable. They’ve both been through so much, but her trauma is fairly new and still fresh in her mind. But Kade is patient. He’s willing to wait as long as she needs because he’s so sure they’re meant to be together. So, basically, he’s the best and now one of my book boyfriends.

The plot itself was also great. It was intriguing and original, and it made me want more stories in this world (which is happening at some point!). With all the twists and turns, the murder mystery, and the tension between the two main characters, it was such an easy read that kept me on the edge of my seat.

At one point near the end, I was internally screaming. I even messaged the author because I was just so mind blown. I’m not going to give anything away, but it was a moment of sheer perfection that I’m still thinking about days later. I often go back and re-read favorite scenes in books as a comforting technique when feeling anxious or needing a boost of serotonin, it’s the same few scenes across various series, and this one is absolutely being added to the list.

I highly recommend this book, which can technically be read on its own, even though it’s the fourth book. Though, I also recommend the whole series. Sun Touched gets all the stars!

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