The Earth King’s Heir: The Kyprian Prophecy Book 0 – A Prequel (The Kyprian Prophecy – A Spellbinding YA Fantasy Series)

Author: Kylie Fennell
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One Broken Empire. Two Headstrong Princesses. A Mercurial King. An Idealistic Prince. And a Jealous Adviser.

Together they can unite and bring peace to all of their nations but only if they can overcome their prejudices and hate for each other.

Luckily there’s a thin line between love and hate, but for some that line can never be crossed.

Jealousy, revenge and greed face off against magic and a powerful prophecy, leaving one undeniable truth – in Kypria, love always has deadly consequences.

The Earth King’s Heir features key characters from the Kyprian Prophecy series leading up to the fateful night of the blood moon as chronicled in The Firemaster’s Legacy – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1.

The Earth King’s Heir – Book 0 can be read at any stage of the Kyprian Prophecy series.azzx

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