#Tishspiration: The Art Of Surprising Yourself

Author: Tish MacWebber
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Tish MacWebber has been full of surprises her entire life. When she became so skilled she was even surprising herself with what she could accomplish, she realized her concept, #Tishspiration was something she had to share. After exploring the word, defining it, and putting it into action, the more people she told about #Tishspiration, the more they wanted to know. In this book, you will follow Tish’s journey, learn the basics of her concept, and become aware of how to add #Tishspiration to your life. Your first surprise will be the introduction, and it is only the beginning!There are many plot twists in this thing we call life. Some of us are content with the path we choose; but some of us know, deep down inside, the choices we make hold more for us. We are all here for a purpose, and over time, the purpose reveals itself to those who are curious enough to look for it. Tish MacWebber belongs to the second group, the dreamer who wants to claim her dreams and turn them into her reality.

What is that one thing you dream about doing, maybe for as long as you can remember, but you lack the courage to try because you are scared to fail? Inside this book, you will discover the path Tish followed to lead her to try things she never thought she would get a chance to do. You will also discover the thing that is standing in your way of claiming your dreams, and learn the art of surprising yourself as you learn what it will take for you to join the dream claimers of the world. If you pick this book, something is telling you to read it, and Tish MacWebber encourages you to follow that instinct.

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