Saturday Smorgasbord: Quest For The Perfect Notebook

By: Christopher Bartlett

One of the last times we got together, I was telling you about my discovery of the planner that was perfect for me. That experience led to me reexamining what I was using for a notebook, which should come to no surprise to most to being as important as the pen one uses to write with. 

After all, the right pen fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for hours of writing. Similarly, the best notebook has the right amount of friction so that you aren’t fighting against it or as with some digital tablets you aren’t flying all over the place, as if on ice for the first time. Although, that is just the starting point in my quest since many notebooks use the brightness and weight I like for paper. 

Unfortunately, too many of them are still stuck in the spiral style, which for me just leads to torn pages and covers. That just leads to frustration from missing or out of order pages, which makes writing increasingly difficult if it keeps happening.

Instead, when I use bound notebooks with detachable pages, things tend to stay more organized with less frustrations. Aside from writers block. 

Granted the average person doesn’t really notice these things like a writer does, compared to having the right planner. Though, it might make doing reports or any kind of writing more enjoyable. It would help if society looked at it like they do paints and canvases for other artists or some ink and pencils. Granted, in another fifty years, it will probably be more about tablets and styluses. 

I might try it out in the next couple of years, but for now, I will stick to whatI know as a habit. After all, if it works for Neil Gaimen and others still, it must still hold some magic to it.

*Tips his hat walking towards his private study as something growls from it.*

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