Brandi’s Review of “Heartless” by Gena Showalter

By: Brandi Goss

We meet a male who loses everything, including himself, and runs away from feeling personal hatred by turning it towards his enemies. Next, we meet a girl in need of life, waiting on foretold death to claim her. Cookie finally received the heart she needs, but it comes with strings (or vines) attached that pulls her into a world and a life she never dreamt of having. Here, she runs into trouble–a vengeful, very muscled, slightly demented Kaysar.

I personally really connected with Cookie, and she has forever become my spirit animal. I love her need for serial killers, she is a gamer, and just loves to kick butt. It’s nice to see a female embrace sexuality and the unashamed thrill of the hunt. This book gave some fresh air with the honesty these characters have together. It’s never a secret or lie to hide the truth, and I loved it. I rate my books with 4 stars if they are a good read, 5 stars if I’ll read it again. 5 stars for this enemy/lover trope with a super awesome main female character. What’s going to happen in book 2?

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