Brandi’s ARC Review of “Ruthless” by Gena Showalter

By: Brandi Goss

Have you ever wondered what Snow White was up to while asleep?

*I received this book as an ARC from the author for my honest review.

I recommend reading the first book (Heartless by Gena Showalter) before reading Ruthless. Not because of the storyline over arching in multiple books but to know Vee’s brother and his history helps understand her character and world.

There is definitely less work building in this book, which is good since I read the first one, and this book focused more on our two lead characters: Viori and Micah.

Micah is a man who lives with duel glamaras, a rare birthright, and has known his entire life that he will never be accepted or loved–two things he wants most. Almost by accident, he becomes King and fights for his people against monsters made from the forest and for the right to own the kingdom.

Viori/Vee/Red is a girl either on the run, in the forest with her “tree children,” or asleep from expending all her power while making her children. She feels that she owes a debt, which drives her choices to stay with Micah. The two are either together or not, some back and forth, and a battle approaches.

The story is really a wild ride that I could not put down. I really was waiting for Vee to connect with her brother, and it’s what really drove me going into this book. This had some ups and downs at the beginning. I wasn’t interested in Vee’s catty behavior, nor Micah’s loathing and back-and-forth emotions over Vee. I really wanted just to smack these two and wake them up, only because we knew Vee’s fambam already via book one.

Things picked up at a mid point, where truths started to be told, finally, and these two started to really realize their love. I enjoyed being able to see previous characters, meet new characters, and see a whole different telling of Snow White. To me, this story wasn’t a retelling exactly, but it gave some serious vibes.

I recommend this book if you enjoy an enemies-to-lovers with a slow burn, court intrigue, or fantasy war with monsters and fae.

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