Family: A Writing Bloc Anthology

Author: Writing Bloc Anthologies
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A journey into the heart of the bond that shapes us all.

FAMILY. Everybody has one. In 2022, families come in all shapes and sizes: blended, same-sex parented, nuclear, chosen. Some are estranged, strained, and some merely strange. Some run on love and some are fueled by resentment. Some are constructed through painstaking perseverance and acceptance; others are built without much thought of consequence. But we all have one thing in common – we all came from someone, and we all consider someone to be our family, related or not.

These twenty-one tales portray aspects of the family unit through the lenses of literary fiction, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Writing Bloc is proud to feature a roster of diverse, up-and-coming, talented authors at their best, and to shine a light on that which ultimately binds us together. Twenty-one authors offer their perspectives on what some consider to be the most important thing in the world, and what others would give the world to have.

Featuring stories from David Lee, Jane-Holly Meissner, Jason Pomerance, Kelsey Rae Barthel, Estelle Wardrip, Deborah Munro, Aly Welch, Evan Graham, S.E. Soldwedel, Jason Chestnut, T.C.C. Edwards, Susan K. Hamilton, Daniel Lee, R.H. Webster, Peter L. Harmon, Byron Gillan, Kaytalin Platt, Durena Burns, Jenn Newman, Cari Dubiel, and Mike X Welch.

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