Saturday Smorgasbord: Quest For The Reading App

By: Christopher Bartlett

Most people automatically think of Amazon’s Kindle when it comes to reading apps. Mainly because of how good Amazon is at marketing things, but that doesn’t mean the Kindle app is a bad reading app by any means. It depends more on where you are in your journey as both a reader and someone using a reading app. 

For those in my generation, who grew up with electronics going through an evolution, tablets and reading apps are straight out of Star Trek. At the same time, social media hasn’t been thought of at the time but does have an impact on choosing a reading app for some more than others.

You also have those like Overdrive and cloudLibrary that are dedicated and designed for school and public libraries. Always good when exploring new authors or a new series you aren’t sure about. Although, in this category of reading apps your choice is limited by what your library uses. 

Aside from the library reading apps, Kindle is probably the best one for those starting out using a reading app. It’s not perfect, but it keeps everything in one spot. This works best for the reader who is only a casual or occasional reader of some magazines and newspapers. They can subscribe or buy just an issue. 

Now, since the Kindle came out, many magazines have gotten wiser about reading apps and the internet in general. For each magazine, a reader likes to be as in depth as possible. I would advise researching each individually since some are better than others. 

Kobo Books is probably the best reading app for those wanting some more options outside of Amazon, yet not getting too advanced. Along with having the audiobook player built right into it. 

Now, if you are like me, you have books for work and books for pleasure reading. For me, it makes more sense to use Google Books for a number of reasons. It helps me get more organized for one. Along with allowing me to branch out easier. And remember how I said above I have books for work and books for pleasure? This lets me keep them separated easier. At least with Android devices since I can bounce from one account to the other.

That’s also part of my thinking in getting more organized, spreading things out so that I have to focus on certain things without being less easily distracted. Though, that is just for now, as technology continues to advance rapidly. 

My way might work for you, but if not that’s okay. The most important thing is to find the reading app that works best for you personally and helps make your reading more enjoyable. But for the moment, I am going to let myself be distracted by the smell of the first ice coffee of spring.

*Tips his hat, walking out the door toward the kitchen.*

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