Wolf Honor (Rocky Mountain Pack Book 3)

Author: Lucia Ashta
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The Rocky Mountain Pack’s territory has always been her sanctuary. The one place where she was safe from those who track her, their pursuit merciless and unrelenting.

But when Naya is taken from her very home, that refuge is violated. She’s exposed.

There’s nowhere safe for her now. And her enemy is far more terrible than she ever imagined. An immortal, the woman can’t be killed. She’s lived a thousand years already.

Naya is determined to find a way to end the immortal where none has been found before. She is a warrior. She’s trained her entire life to defeat the hunters.

With the fiercely protective pack beta Bruno at her side, and a group of motley friends behind her, she has a chance.

She won’t waste it. One shot is all she needs…

* The Rocky Mountain Pack series is gritty, sexy, and action-packed urban fantasy paranormal shifter romance.

Wolf Honor is a full-length novel recommended for mature readers due to language, sexual situations, and graphic fighting scenes.

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