Cait’s Review of “Crimson Kingdom” by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

By: Cait Marie


Rowan thought she had escaped being a prisoner.

But even in Lochlann, she is chained by the memories of everything she left behind in Socair.

Of everyone she left behind.

With her people clamoring for war, the responsibility falls on Rowan to enter into a marriage alliance to keep her kingdom safe. That should be easy, considering she’s already received proposals from half the clans in Socair.

But even with plenty of options, she’s left with no good choices.

Will she play it safe? Or will she risk everything for the kind of love she never wanted to begin with?

The kind of love that could break her.


I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. This has honestly become one of my favorite series ever, and it somehow just keeps getting better. This third book is now one of my favorite books in general… of all time.

The characters, the tension and build up, everything was just so well done, and I’m still reeling.

Rowan’s back home and considering a marriage alliance with Socair to keep their kingdoms from going to war, which mean she has a huge decision to make. And it’s such a hard choice!

This book isn’t as action-packed as the others. It’s a lot of politics and family time, but that makes it no less exciting. In fact, it made me love all of the characters that much more. Even characters who died before the storyline began… Did I cry over someone who was never even alive in these books? Yes. Sobbed. It was a beautiful moment, and I love how much emotion these authors can put into their writing.

The book was hard to put down. I knew who I wanted Rowan to choose for the marriage alliance, but I needed to find out what happened like I needed my next breath. This series has consumed me in all the best ways. I’m already reading the fourth book, Obsidian Throne, and anxious for the ending!

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