WWW Wednesday: December 29, 2021

By: Cait Marie Hello! I've been having almost non-stop migraines for the last five days, so I haven't been able to read a lot, but it's time for an update! WWW Wednesday is a weekly reading update hosted by Taking on a World of Words. The Three Ws are: What are you currently reading?What did you recently... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday: December 22, 2021

By: Cait Marie Hello! Oof... it's been a busy few days, even though I'm technically on break now. I haven't read a whole lot in the last week (I finished a proofreading job, but I don't discuss those books until they're released), but let's chat about what I did read! WWW Wednesday is a weekly reading... Continue Reading →

TBR Tuesday: December 2021

By: Cait Marie Hello! Can you believe this year is almost over? I'm currently sitting at 99 books read (I read 18 last month!), though Goodreads says 96 because a few of them were editing jobs and haven't been added by the authors yet. My goal has been 100 for the last three years, and... Continue Reading →

TBR Tuesday: November 2021

By: Cait Marie Hello! I finished 10 books in October, which is really good for me. I'm at 76 on Goodreads and my goal is 100 for the year, so I need to read a solid amount this month. Luckily, I'm partially through quite a few, so some of these are repeats from last month... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday: October 27, 2021

By: Cait Marie Hello! I've turned in the first part of my thesis, and will have The Lost Dreams and one proofreading job done this week, so I'm hoping to get more reading time in the near future. In the meantime, here's what I am reading. WWW Wednesday is a weekly reading update hosted by Taking on... Continue Reading →

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