The Spunky Girl & her Popular Player (Mountain Ridge High Mysteries)

Author: Nicole Heart
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Someone stole Santa’s suit!

Can two toy store elves solve the crime?

Better yet, can they do it without falling for each other?

Avery has had enough of Alfredo’s complaining. She wears her elf costume with pride. He scoffs every time they have to sing and dance.

When Santa’s suit goes missing, Avery thinks this might be her chance to get rid of Alfredo once and for all. If she can prove he’s the thief, his dad–the store owner–will have to fire him.

It’s the perfect plan until mysterious texts pour in, leading them on an adventure to win back Santa’s suit and save Christmas.

★This standalone story is perfect for fans of broody quarterbacks, enemies to lovers romances, and cozy mysteries.★

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