Written In The Stars Anthology

Author: Various Authors
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Immerse yourself in new worlds and discover hidden places, from far-off realms to different neighborhoods. Cast spells, break curses … or even play the drum! And forge friendships with fae, angels, muses, or simply the boy next door.

Join the award-winning and USA Today bestselling authors of Written in the Stars—a young adult contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy romance anthology—on these adventures and more. Packed with 16 stories, the collection is composed exclusively of full-length, first-in-series tales, introducing you to worlds beyond its pages. Some might call this collection your reading destiny, but we say it’s Written in the Stars …

Titles listed alphabetically:

  • Addicted by Krys Fenner
  • Angel Fire by Shelly Russell Nolan
  • Christmas At Midnight: A Modern Christmas Fairy Tale by Lexi Ostrow
  • Death’s Intern by DC Gomez
  • Drum by September North
  • Fallen Snow by Diana Dawn
  • Falling by Scarlett Kol
  • Malefic Mixology by Breezy Jones
  • Running Back by Emily Camp
  • Tales of Ferrês by K.M. Jenkins
  • The Bladesmith by Megan Grooms
  • The Last Tide by Maria Vermisoglou
  • The Love you Give Me by Kelly Violet T
  • he Protected Prophecy by Sheri Downing
  • The School of Nine by Amanda Marin
  • Willow by Amy Richie

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